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The first people
The first people

Paleo cultures - Stone Age people

The exhibition Paleo Cultures offers visitors a close encounter with the people of the past. The exhibition tells the story of the country’s early (2500–200 BCE) and late (700–1250 CE) Paleo-Eskimo settlements, and explains the technology, economy and social structures of these fascinating Stone Age cultures. 

The first people in Greenland were of the Saqqaq and Independence cultures, and came to Greenland around 4,500 years ago. Whereas the Saqqaq lived primarily from hunting at sea, the musk ox was the most important animal hunted by people of the Independence culture. The walrus was the main staple for people of both the Greenland Dorset and Late Dorset culture. What all these Paleo cultures have in common is their highly specialised adaptation to the Arctic climate and environment.

Enter a prehistoric universe and see how the people of Greenland lived in the past. You can investigate the differences between the different Stone Age cultures, and learn about settlements, hunting and stone tools, as well as the archaeological excavations in Qajaa and Qeqertsussuk. 


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