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Communication and Nationbuilding
Communication and Nationbuilding

Communication and Nationbuilding

The exhibition Communication and Nationbuilding focuses on the development of Greenlandic identity from a traditional hunting society to the modern Greenland of today, as well as charting the development of Greenlandic identity and national consciousness.

The main pillars of the exhibition are the church, schooling and education, political history, and communication – shipping and aviation, as well as radio and telecommunication.

Another theme of the exhibition is Greenland in an international context, focussing on the increase in the country’s geopolitical significance since the 1940s. Through general themes and specific cases the exhibition charts how different forms of organisation and communication, both collectively and individually, have provided the means to express a sense of solidarity and nationbuilding. As communication between different settlements increased, the population of Greenland as a whole became more conscious of a shared identity instead of identifying solely with their local community.


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