Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaateqarfialu
Greenland National Museum & Archives

What can you find in the National Archives?

The collections of the National Archives consist of both the archives of state institutions and authorities, as well as a range of private archives. The archives are comprised primarily of documents, but in some cases also include photographs, maps, sound recordings, and films. Below are examples of what you can find in the extensive collections of the National Archives.

Parish archives: church ledgers, censuses, missionary archives, correspondence, sermons, catechist diaries, school archives, etc.

Inspectorate archives: Recors of the governor of south and north Greenland, reports, populations statistics, catch and production statistics, managerial negotiations, council and district records, etc.

Trade managers' archives: Correspondence, outpost managers' archives, censuses, manuals, account books, itemised accounts, reports, etc.

Local authority archives: Correspondence, school archives, case records, etc.

Teacher training college archives: Correspondence, sermons, students grade cards, timetables, etc.

Greenland Home Rule, Department archives

The private archives of individuals, association, and corporations

Most of the collections can be accessed when they are 25 years old, others not until after 80 years. If you would like to see documents in the collections, please contact the archives to make an appointment with an archivs. Our archivists help visitors find relevant documents, which can then be studied in our reading room.



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