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The Archive is temporarily closed for research services

We have temporarily suspended our research services as staff are engaged in spiral investigation, receive large deliveries of archives from Greenlandic authorities and do extensive registration work. As a result, the Archives is now unable to host researchers for the remainder of 2023.

This applies to all inquiries regarding archival research, in-person visits, guidance and other services for researchers and other archive users.

Requests for personnel records, tax information, diplomas and other public inquiries will be processed as usual, although longer processing times may occur.

Archive Services

The National Archives can help you find a copy of your exam certificate or photocopy and scan various documents. Here you can find more information and a price list for printing diplomas, archival research, etc.

The archive’s right to charge a fee for making documents available to the public and for research purposes is established in §27 of the archive bill.

Archival Research

If you are unable to visit the National Archives you can, in some instances, hire an archivist to research the archives for a fee. This does not apply to family history research, which can be booked with from our archivists.


All requests for archival research are to be addressed to the National Archives in writing, by either letter or e-mail. Please give an account of the information you are looking for, on the basis of which we will let you know if the necessary archival research can be provided. The National Archives only embark on archival research that is well defined by those hiring us.


Routine inquiries that demand less than an hour are free of charge, but for larger research tasks a fee is charged. In cases where our archivists consider the research to be feasible they will issue an estimate of the time and costs involved. There is a set rate per hour or part thereof, as well as a fee for photocopying and any postage involved.

Exam certificates

The National Archives can provide exam certificates from a wide range of educational institutions. This costs 100DKK, which is to be transferred to account no. 6471-100-155-5 at the Bank of Greenland. At the time of transfer a written request marked ‘Exam Certificate’ should be sent to or

The National Archives,

P. O. Box 1090,




N.B. The National Archives cannot guarantee the existence of an exam certificate. Some can, for example, have gone missing prior to delivery of the archive in question.


How to Order Architectural Drawings

Our Architectural Archive has technical drawings of buildings throughout Greenland constructed up to around 1990. These materials are from Greenland Technical Organisation’s (GTO) archive up to 1987-90.


The materials in the archive include a microfilm catalogue, a register of building numbers, diverse office materials, lists of deliveries to the National Museum, etc., microfilms of documents and drawings, technical archive materials from the shipyard in Sisimiut, Nuuk’s city archive, and drawings from the advisory department of GTO.


Architectural Archive inquiries can be made by phone or e-mail here. Copies of drawings can also be ordered from the Architectural Archive.

Current prices (from August 2017) for archive materials can be found here


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