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Virtual tours

On this page, you can find the virtual tours that have been created in collaboration with NKA.

Qassiarsuk - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Take a virtual tour of Qassiarsuk, a subarctic settlement in Southern Greenland with a rich history spanning a thousand years! Join us as we explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its sub-arctic farming landscape.

The tour unveils Qassiarsuk's ancient history, showcasing the enduring connections between Norse settlers and today's Inuit communities. You’ll hear from local guides Aqqaluaq-Ole Frederiksen and Tupaarnaq Egede and local farmer Frederik Egede, whose families have cultivated this land for generations.

This project was a joint effort between CyArk, Kujataa World Heritage, and Greenland National Museum and Archives, and it was made possible with the generous support of Iron Mountain.


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