Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaateqarfialu
Greenland National Museum & Archives

Heritage and Conservation

Conservation work in Greenland has been going on for most of the 20th and 21st centuries. Establishing an overview of the buildings, monuments and cultural-historical areas that are subject to conservation legislation is therefore not always an easy task.

Current challenges in the field of conservation are:

1. The documentation and investigation of cultural monuments threatened by global warming.

2. The maintenance of the cultural landscapes Kujataa in south Greenland and Aasivisuit - Nipisat in west Greenland, currently on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

3. Conducting a systematic survey of Greenland’s listed buildings and buildings worthy of conservation.

4. General dissemination to the public about Greenland’s cultural monuments


Here you can find advice on your listed building, learn about ancient monuments in Greenland, the conservation work of Greenland National Museum & Archives, and much more.


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