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Inuit means of transport
Inuit means of transport

Inuit means of transport

Means of transport are a key element of Inuit culture. They are highly specialised and adapted to traveling in the Arctic, as well as to hunting marine mammals. The exhibition Inuit Means of Transport includes a wide array of means of transport, from skin boats like qajaqs and umiaqs, to dog sledges. The exhibition also charts developments in these different means of transport.

The means of transport are made using techniques developed and adapted to different conditions in the country. They continued to be used until the 1900s, where more modern means of transport started to be used for hunting. Some people, especially in northern Greenland, still use qajaq and dog sledges for transport and hunting. The last umiaq in west Greenland stopped being used in 1966, and is now on display at the museum.

Experience these fantastic means of transport up close and learn about the many different tools used by hunters. The exhibition also includes clothing that has been worn in the High Arctic, including clothing made of polarbear skin.


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