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Reading Room

You can conduct family history research using physical copies of the archive’s church ledgers in the reading room of Ilimmarfik’s (University of Greenland) library where they are kept. The reading room can be found at the top of the wide staircase immediately after the main entrance to Ilimmarfik.

Family history research can be conducted during library opening hours, which you can see here.

The church ledgers are shelved geographically and chronologically, beginning with southernmost towns on the bottom shelf. Please put everything back where you found it when you are finished.


We do not conduct family history research for others, but if you need any help or assistance a member of staff can come to the reading room between 10.00 and 15.00 on weekdays. If you need our help call us on +299 36 23 30, or ask one of the library staff to call an archivist to help you.


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