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Cuddle songs

An aqaat is a personal song of blessing for a child. It is usually the mother or father of the child that sings the song to express their love, but other members of the family can also sing an aqaat for a child. The aqaat is a tribute to the child, and can be ascribed magical powers that can strength the child’s inua (spirit or soul). An aqaat is thus not a lullaby as such, although one of its functions can be to calm the child. It can be performed differently – sung, spoken or recited in a low voice. The melodies of aqaat are simple. People still sing aqaat for children in Greenland today.

Aqaatit can also turn into nursery rhymes. Here is an example from a book of songs for children.


”Aantuaraq Tobiarseeraq

Iisaavaraq Enooraq.

Inequnartoq quianartoq


Alliartorit peroriartorit


anaanat ikiorlugu.”


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