Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaateqarfialu
Greenland National Museum & Archives

NKA’s Staff

Greenland National Museum and Archives are organised into two departments, the archives and the museum. The Heads of the museum and archives together with the director and office manager make up the NKA Management.


Daniel Thorleifsen


Direct tel: (+299) 342201

Administration, cultural history and art

Archival Staff

Inge Høst Seiding

Head of Archives

Tel.: +299 362332


Cultural history, public archives, public authority archiving


Frederik Fuuja Larsen


Tel.: +299 362337 E-mail:

Cultural history, private archives, public authorities


Guðrun Patursson


Tel.: +299 362333

Digital communication, public archives, electronic archiving


Mikkel Nohr Jensen 

IT archivist

Tel.: +299 362335

Electronic archiving, public archives, public authority archiving


Hans Egede Berthelsen

Head of Section

Tel.: +299 362334

Registration, building, drawings and AV archives, Architectural Archive services


Heidi Olsvig

Registrar/ archive officer

Tel.: +299 362336

Sorting and registration, archive storage

Museum Staff

Christian Koch Madsen

Deputy director, curator

Tel.: +299 342214

Museum management, prehistory, norse, archaeology, listed sites and buildings, photography collections 


Minik Lyberth

Head of Department

Tel.: +299 342202

NKA administration, accounts and kiosk


Ujammiugaq Engell 

Communications officer

Tel.: +299 342218


Visitor activities, events and guided tour coordination, school services, and communication


Aviâja Rosing Jakobsen


Tel.: +299 342211

Ethnology, dress collection


Kirstine Eiby Møller


Tel.: +299 342207

Intangible cultural heritage


Hans Lange


Tel.: +299 342208

Thule culture


Mikkel Myrup


Tel.: +299 342213

NUNNIFFIIT:  Greenland’s historical monument archive


Hans Harmsen


Tel.: +299 342215



Inge Bisgaard


Tel.: +299 382230

Listed buildings


Michael Nielsen

Stores manager

Tel.: +299 382217

Museum storage, depots and registration


Allan Lynge

Museum caretaker

Tel.: +299 342205

Maintenance and repairs


Dorthe Vold


Tel.: +299  342203

Kitchen and cleaning

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